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Study of Hadith
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ID : Y1120
Title : Study of Hadith
By : khalid zmahmood Shaikh
ISBN : 1563162024
Binding : PB
Weight (g) : 248
Price : Please email to if you wish to enquire the pricing.

This well-liked book is written for older students (teens, youths or even adults) by Dr. Khalid Mahmood Shaikh. 

The book is divided into two parts: The first part  deals with the science of Hadith, such as meaning, significance, authenticity, and various Hadith collections, etc. The second part consists of actual texts of the Ahadith on selected topics such as:

-  Love of Rasululullah as Part of Faith,
-  Death as a Reminder of the Nature of this World, 
-  Merits of Knowledge etc

 Exercises  are included at the end of each chapter. A detailed glossary of Arabic terms used in the book is included at the end of the book.