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Mercy to Mankind (Makkah Period) Workbook
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ID : M0255
Title : Mercy to Mankind (Makkah Period) Workbook
By : Dr Abidullah Ghazi & Dr Tasneema Ghazi
ISBN : 1563161559
Binding : PB
Weight (g) : 507
Price : Please email to if you wish to enquire the pricing.

This is the accompanying activity book for the Mercy to Mankind : Makkah Period textbook. This book acquaints students with the blessed life and character of the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w in order they may develop a deeper appreciation of his mission and message to humankind. The lessons contained within have been pre-arranged in a sequential manner designed to facilitate the student's comprehension of the course of studies. There are 33 lessons and in each lesson there are two to four activities for the child to complete.  At the end of the activities, inshaAllah the child will develop an appreciation of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w as a Mercy to Mankind.