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Teachings of Qur’an Vol III Workbook
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ID : M0115
Title : Teachings of Qur’an Vol III Workbook
By : Dr.Abidullah Ghazi & Dr.Tasneema Ghazi
ISBN : 156316129x
Binding : Ring PB
Weight (g) : 346
Price : Please email to if you wish to enquire the pricing.
This is the workbook for the  final textbook in our Teaching of the Qur'an series. The workbook provides interesting and thought provoking exercises in comprehension, vocabulary development, and critical thinking.Volume 3 is separated into three sections: the Human Community, the Muslim Community, and Social Action. There are 28 lessons relating to the three sections and and there are at least two activities for each of the following topics:

(1) The Human Family, (2) The Best of Creations, (3) Everyone is Responsible for One's Self (4) Changing from Within, (5) Working Together, (6) No Compulsion in Religion, (7) The World: A Trust, (8) Beautiful Things of Life, (9) Do Not Kill, (10) The Law of Recompense, (11) A True Muslim, (12) The Hypocrite (13) The Best Community, (14) Friendship of the Believers, (15) The Brotherhood of Muslims (16) Doing the Right Thing, (17) Compete for Good, (18) Jihad for Allah s.w.t, (19) Shura: Mutual Consultation, (20) Practice What You Preach, (21) Be With the Truthful, (22) Relations with the People of the Book, (23) A Dialogue with Other Religion, (24) Verify the News, (25) Builders of the Masajid, (26)The Importance of Knowledge, (27) The Share of this World and (28) Remembrance.

This series is written especially for children, but we are sure that the adults will find it equally informative and beneficial